AUDIO ONSLAUGHT 2011- Releases for 2011

Earth Bound is the Sound
Earth Bound is the Sound
In 2011 EBS Muzik has a whole catalog of music to be released.  2010 was a year of recording & collecting material.  Also, it was a year of learning different recording & mixing down techniques.  Now, with mastering no longer an issue, we are finally ready to unleash the sound that is Earth Bound.

1st up… “EBS Muzik Presents… The Presentation”


A compilation of colaborative material that has been recorded at the Earth Bound Mothership (the studio). It will also be, in part, a solo album for Quique Cruz, being that it will feature 3 of his solo songs, two of wich were produced by

LDonthecut & the other was produced by King-I-Divine from Atlanta, Georgia. Other featured artists include Prhymestar (Orange County, CA.), Savvy of Black Nacirema (Los Angeles, CA.), K.E. (Tustin, CA.), Drastik (Tustin, CA.), C-Sharp (Tustin, CA.), D.Mayn (Atlanta, GA.), Rythm Killa (Tustin, CA.), Chubbs Sinatra (Orange County, CA.), Morbius of The Sargonites (New York, NY.), Sha-King (Pittsburgh, PA.) & MC Natra (Viequez, PR.) 

Scheduled to be released independently in mid January. It will be available at most major online retailers.


Then its Prhymestar “Second Nature” EP


The debut solo album from the gifted Prhymestar, produced by Quique Cruz with features from J-King & DJ Prime Meridian.  Check out a pre-released version of “Motion” here.

Prhymestar - Motion

Scheduled to be released early February.  Also, to be available at most major online retailers.


Followed by Joint Chiefs “Joint Venture” EP


In the spirit of “Return of the Boom Bap” Quique Cruz & DJ Prime Meridian team up to bring you the pure essence of Hip-Hop, beats & lyrics combined with cuts & scratches.  In classic fashion of the DJ/Emcee duo.

Scheduled to be released late February.

Maylay Sage & Quique Cruz “Natty By Nature”

Still in its early production stage. Join the mailing list for updates on this release.

VITAL Emcee “Yellow Tape”

Also, in its early production stage. Join the mailing list for updates on this release.

The solo album for Quique Cruz “Enrique’s Rebelion” is still in the works as well. Trust that it will be a showcase of his range and versatility.

PLUS, a bunch of music videos to acompany this AUDIO ONSLAUGHT of 2011.


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About EBS Mlti-Media

EBS Multi-Media is a multimedia service provider, specializing in all aspects of music production, from recording, mixing & mastering, remixes, mixtape hosting, graphic designing, video editing and much, much more. EARTH BOUND IS THE SOUND!!!
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