(the) Seventeen Cipherz (of AgitHop):

The(se) AgitHop Cipherz are a kind of criminal’z code (of honor) among the/our nation-less-nation ofunderground x-isled agitatorz. They are NOT a program/plan/law/rulez/regulationz (we got enuff of those already!), but instead, a simple science/sensibility for the street souljah or simply a word-warriorz way of doing/being/acting/agitating…. in the now.

AgitHop Army

AgitHop Army

1. Know tha Ledge: “I lay close to the edge, I guess I didn’t know the ledge” – Rakim

You gotta have a know-ledge of self and an over/understanding of our-story (where you came from and where you are) so that you will alwayz instinctively know where you are going (and/or leading) and why. Know the ledge, so that you don’t fall off!

2.  Stay True: “Gotta do whatcha gotta do, Stay True” – Tupac

You gotta be honest about who you be/true to what you be-lieve/forthright in what you are about/stand firm(ly) behind/in front of and be ready to fight (and die!) for those/your beliefs always. No matter what, stay true ta self!

3.  Word iz Bond: “Word is bond and bond is life” – Brand Nubian

Your word is a vow without reproach/an oath that can’t be broken in a lifetime/an unwritten contract that is bound to your soul/skull. So alwayz say what you mean/alwayz do what you say (you mean). Stand by your word!

4.  Keep it Real: “That’s not keeping it real, that’s keeping it wrong” – Gang Starr

When you are authentic/the real deal, there is no power in the world that can make you (ex)change/bow your head/do the wrong thing/sell out (or in). So alwayz keep it really real(idad)!

5.  Reprezent: “Every projects, all over. Represent!” – Nas

You gotta alwayz represent for the/your peepz, and not just for yourself. He who representz, never follows another’z (mis)lead or misdeed, and instead setz the example for otherz to follow (for now). Represent the/what’z real!

6.  Do 4 Self: “I do for my self, make moves for my self, ’cause ain’t nobody gonna help me but my goddamn self” – Flipmode Squad

Self-help meanz to do, not just for YOURself, but for your whole ghetto/barrio community/family. Do for Self is a philosophy of street social consciousness/aid and power thru the people. Practice it, with otherz!

7.    Pay ya Duez: “Ya’ll need to pay ya dues” – Reflection Eternal

The only way to really “make it” without selling out (or in) is to pay the price of real struggle. You gotta fight/work/build together to get what you need/want.  Without real suffering/struggle, there is no real overstanding of what anything is truly worth. True value comes from paying ya dues!

8. Don’t Hate: Don’t hate the player, hate the game, Niggas, sharpen your aim” – Ice T

The game of life as we know it, is mean/corrupt/deceitful/full of hate. So s/he who wins while refusing to play the(ir) game is worthy of respect/admiration/love. Don’t hate the player, hate the game.

9. Show ‘n’ Prove: “The wisdom might blow the roof when shown and proved” – Inspectah Deck

Action speakz louder than (idle/idol) words. The only (real) way to demonstrate is by doing the action! Show ya self by proving ya self!

10. Don’t Believe tha Hype: “It’s fake that’s what it be, ‘ya, dig me? Don’t believe the hype” – Public Enemy

Rebelution is the real deal, and the rest is just hype; and there are many enemy’s who have a (bulletproof) vested interest in keeping Hype alive!! But talk is cheap, and so is bullshit! Don’t believe it!

11. Flip the Scrip’: “Cause as soon as you slip you know I’ll flip the script” – GangStarr

A commonly used tactic in rap battlez, the MicController takez what somebody else said and uses it against them. But the rebelutionary rapper flipz the script (that they have written for us) on the very system/enemy/ghost that wrote it, and not just the sucka MC. Turn the record over and enter into flip mode!

12. Don’t Snitch: “I never snitch, I never lie” – Scarface

No one from the hood should ever snitch on anyone else from the hood to the outside “authorities,” punto! The ‘hood is all us/all we got, which meanz that we gotta all take care of each other/look out for each other/watch out for each other. And anyone who is doing anything else is not the/your community/family. THEY are the enemy. Snitchez (should) gets stitchez, for real!

13. Stop tha Violence: “We gotta put our heads together, and stop the violence, cause real bad boys move in silence” – BDP

We live in a violent world that fosterz/en-couragez violence against/amongst the/our own peepz. But the real street Souljah alwayz shootz straight – at the right target – and (re)directz the attack against those outside sourcez of violence AGAINST us. So stop the violence… against each other!

14. Bust ya Guns: “Trust no one, got beef bust ya gun” – Big Pun

Gunz can be good (and useful) tools, but only if we know who the real enemy is and in what direction we should be aiming. The REAL enemy is anyone who hurts the/our peeps and attacks the/our community/barrio/ghetto/family.

15.  Fuck tha Police!: “Fuck tha police, Comin’ straight from the underground” – NWA

The(y) “Police” are granted the “authority”  to regulate/control/”keep the peace” (with a piece) in your community/barrio/ghetto. But who gave/allowz them that authority over you and why? Regulate/protect ya own on ya own, as a community/family, and never ever let the(y) “police” police you/yourz.

16. Fight Tha Power: “Make everybody see in order to fight the powers that be” –Public Enemy

The only legitimate power is the power you have over (your)self. Every other power must be fought to the very (low) end (theory).

AgitHop Army

AgitHop Army

17. Tha Streetz iz Watching: “When the, streets is watching, blocks keep clocking” – Jay Z

We have a responsibility to the “streetz” that we come from, and them streetz is alwayz watching us whenever we sell out/hurt our own/act in any non rebelutionary way(z)….. The streetz IZ watching, so watch…. ya self!


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