Taino Sunz – Despierta Boricua (sofrito mix) Now Available on Bandcamp.com

Despierta Boricua (sofrito mix)

DOWNLOAD NOW: Taino Sunz - Despierta Boricua (sofrito mix)

Now Available on Bandcamp.com. Care to donate? Name your price.

Quique Verse:
We don’t just wave our flag, we defend it
Un verdadero Boricua I don’t pretend it
This message I send it to Juan Mari Bras
Y Lolita Lebron, que descanzen en paz
Hechate pa tras & make way for da jibaro yes
Los Macheteros y los Cimarrones
Y no jodes, no don’t mess wit da students of da UPR
Taino Sunz, u know who we are
We are Nuyoricuas, indepentistas
Hechamos lyrica de fuego a la pista
Quemamos razistas, porque me da la gana
Tocamos Bomba y Plena en Santa Ana
Hasta Guayama, defendiemos lo nuestro
Y contestamos la llamada de los ancestros
Yeah, Me & HecOne on a mission
To knock them yankees outta position
Now listen…

Oye Boricua Despierta! Despierta Boricua! (4x)
Despierta Boricua, Defiende lo tuyo! (4x)

Wake up Boricua, defend what’s yours/ Stop actin like a dirty pig on all fours/ They made us citizens to fight in their wars/ But they’ll throw us all in prison if we fight for our cause/

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Taino Sunz music coming soon!


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