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New Year, New Song, New Direction…

Knowledge the Wisdom

"Truth Translator" by Supreme Logic Bo'Kem Allah (Quique Cruz)

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Truth Translator (Lyrics)

Verse 1:
I’ll take a deep breath ’til there’s no more oxygen left to inhale/
And hold it until my skin pale/
Then exhale like the sex well/
You know I keep the birds chirpin like Nextel/
I flex well call me the God Body Builder/
I build with words and spill the verbs/
All over the track like maple syrup on a short stack/
I did it from the giddyup like a horseback/
I force cats to forfeit get off it/
I swear on any other beat I’ll be like off wit… his head/
But this one here imma cool out/
Why pull a tool out when I could pull a jewel out/
Why go the fool rout like an 85er/
If you’re a savage I come to civilize ya/
I wax poetics give you Supreme Alphabetics/
My Borikemetics will work your mind like calisthenics/
I’m Aziatic deal with Supreme Mathematics/
I’ll make the satanic panic and run frantic/
Across the Atlantic back to the island of Patmos/
I gave you an inch and you ain’t even that close/
To the Universal Translator translating/
Universal truth through the microphone both/
You want proof the Blackman is God/
I’ll show & prove yo it ain’t that hard/

It’s in my nature to be a truth translator/
It’s in my nature na, na, Natty by Nature/
It’s in my nature to be a truth translator/
Standing at the podium ready to debate ya/
It’s in my nature to be a truth translator/
It’s in my nature na, na, Natty by Nature/
It’s in my nature to be a truth translator/
The Blackman is the owner and the maker/

Verse 2:
Now, that’s an actual fact/
A scientific observation placed upon a track/
That’s right & exact, just check the facts in your history/
And realize that God is not a mystery/
Allah is seen and heard everywhere/
The Arm, Leg, Leg, Arm, Head never disappeared/
So, listen here cuz the truth is crystal clear/
Yo, it’s like scientific non fiction diction here/
From genetic dominance to historical prominence/
To knowledge who is God takes common sense/
Question: Who fathered civilization across the planet?/
Who taught all the sciences of life and mathematics?/
Who built societies of freedom, justice and equality?/
Answer: The Asiatic Blackman, no apology/
Supreme Bein all eye seein/
The Blackman is God and the devil is European/
If you’re agreein then say Y Equals Self/
If not then do the knowledge, take the book off your shelf/
Question: Who systematically raped robbed and ravaged/
Original people around the world like a savage?/
Question: Who managed to damage our self-esteem which is lower than average
Answer: The Whiteman with his emotional baggage
From having to suffer throughout the Ice Age
And we were chillin in the sun not knowing what was to come

released 31 December 2011
Written by Supreme Logic Bo’Kem Allah (Quique Cruz)
Beat by KIC
Produced by Quique Cruz
Mixed & Mastered by Quique Cruz
Featuring Divine Understanding Born Allah


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