NEW VIDEO: Taino Sunz – The Break of Dawn (trailer) | “It’s not the end. It’s a beginning.”

Taino Sunz
“The Break of Dawn”
It’s not the end. It’s a beginning.

Download Taino Sunz "The Break of Dawn"

DOWNLOAD NOW: Taino Sunz "The Break of Dawn"

The Taino Sunz are Quique Cruz and HecVortex, two sunz of Boriken who have risen in the East and settled in the West. Through community activism and Hip Hop they shine their light and
fight for what’s right… ’til the Break of Dawn.

The 8 track cd, features the heat of traditional Boom Bap beats by Quique Cruz
and fiery bilingual lyrics by Quique and Hec, as well as collaborations with Morbius of The Sargonites (NYC), Sha-King (Pittsburgh, PA), and MC Natra (Vieques PR).

The Taino Sunz will surely turn up the temperature with blazing new
music… ushering in a new dawn.


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