VIDEO | Guru Salute: A Tribute to Guru of Gangstarr | FREE DOWNLOAD

Rise In Power Guru We Love You

The NEW SINGLE from EBS Muzik
“Guru Salute” by Quique Cruz
Produced by Quique Cruz
“This one goes out to Baldhead Slick.”
A Tribute to one of the most influential Emcees in Hip Hop history, Guru of Gangstarr. R.I.P.


Here’s some of the feedback I’ve been getting about this song…

“I’ve heard many but this is the best, couldn’t have made one better myself.” -True-Father (True Skool Radio)
“Flawlessly done. Respect.” -Clifton Richard
“DOPE!” -Humble Just Sincere Equality
“Great tribute to the GOD Guru!” -Sunez Allah
“INCREDIBLE TRIBUTE! Loved it my brother. Peace 7!” -Sunez Allah
“Much respect on this one Quique… Keith is looking down smiling on ya! He is by far my biggest inspiration in Hip Hop as I’m a Boston native.” -Bobby Seven
“You rock this joint here!!!” -King Asiatic Allah
“Sick!!!!! Waw great tribute!” -Yaron Messelis

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EBS Multi-Media is a multimedia service provider, specializing in all aspects of music production, from recording, mixing & mastering, remixes, mixtape hosting, graphic designing, video editing and much, much more. EARTH BOUND IS THE SOUND!!!
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