Sean Price – Caviar Gold (Earth Bound Remix) feat. Bo’kem Allah | DOWNLOAD NOW


Bo’kem Allah’s Verse:
These niggas rappin ridiculous/
They can’t shoot the gift like Old Saint Nicholas/
Me, I shoot the shit like everyday is Christmas/
U too close to the sun like Icarus/
So back up off of this, niggas too soft for this/
I’m harder than wood that’s petrified when I’m electrified/
Now step aside cuz imma shock ya when I rock ya/
Boom shaka lack ya, then pop ya with my glock YAOUH!/
Or knock ya out like Pacquiao when he hit the floor/
Leave u on the corner, front door of the liquor store/
I’m spittin sicker for my Cousins out on Sycamore street/
Flippin more rhymes and kickin more beats/
Beatboxing, banging on walls and desktops/
You bangin on wax, now that’s the best way to get shot/
Caviar Gold, smokin the best pot/
You want a hit of this shit? Psych! I guess not/ LOL!!!


We pack ’em in like sardines/
They all came to hear the God scream, NAH’ MEAN?!/
We puffin on the Caviar/
See how bad we are when we puffin on the Caviar
We pack ’em in like sardines/
They all came to hear the God scream, YA NA’AH MEAN?!/
We puffin on the Caviar/
Escargot flow! We puffin on the Caviar/
released 10 December 2012
Featuring Sean Price
Produced by Bo’kem Allah for EBS Multi-Media


About EBS Mlti-Media

EBS Multi-Media is a multimedia service provider, specializing in all aspects of music production, from recording, mixing & mastering, remixes, mixtape hosting, graphic designing, video editing and much, much more. EARTH BOUND IS THE SOUND!!!
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