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One man started a nation and made us its vanguard. ‘The Righteous Way’ by Starmel Allah, opens the minds of countless people who are part of and who have been influenced by the teachings of Allah and his Five Percent Nation of Gods and Earths. The Righteous Way connects the meaning of civilization, righteousness, the knowledge of self, and the science around us in a meaningful way to a new generation of initiates, observers, students, spectators, and critics.

In an ever changing world, The Righteous Way keeps the True and Living Gods and Earths as well as the Black and Latino community at large, on point and informed. The need for greater responsibility and accountability in this day and age is addressed in a timely and
timeless fashion. The Righteous Way offers practical solutions to common issues instead of the same old non-productive rhetoric.

As the world of Allah’s Five Percent Nation of Gods and Earths grows larger, Starmel Allah sees the need to document the
meaningful aspects of a teaching that can be traced back to the
earliest known civilizations. These teachings are taught in this day in time to uplift, motivate, inspire, educate, and build up not just our egos, but our communities. The knowledge and wisdom contained in this book is put forth to save a generation of young people from regression, ignorance, violence, self-destruction, and powerlessness.

Starmel Allah (Author)

Starmel Allah (Author)

Starmel Allah has had knowledge of self for 17 years. He has fought for the right to embrace and practice his culture in both State and Federal Court. His articles have appeared in The Five Percenter Newspaper and he is a contributing writer for Sankofa Kids Online Magazine. His work aims to achieve universal consciousness, community empowerment, and peace.

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