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[Oscar Lopez Rivera]
by Seven 30 (The Problem)

Seven 30 rhymes from the perspective of Puerto Rican Political Prisoner… Oscar Lopez Rivera, a former Korea War veteran and recipient of the highest honor in the US Military, the Purple Heart. In 1981 he was charged with seditious conspiracy and was given a 70 year sentence. He has spent 32 years behind bars, 12 of which were in solitary confinement.
To learn more about Oscar Lopez Rivera read his book “Between Torture and Resistance.”


I’m supposed to be independent and represented/
By the star the blue/red and the white pendent/
The promise that was made was a lie just to occupy my land/
From 1890 till recently man/
U can’t imagine what I saw/
I never knew that me speaking of freedom would be against the law now it’s war/
I watched pedophiles come and go murderers come and go/
Rapists come and go but I get denied parole/
After serving 33 you now wanna offer me a plea/
And cop to cop seditious conspiracy/
I guess I’m trapped between torture and resistance/
For instance, the people got my back, but this country doesn’t let em lend assistance/
Instead they open up my mail/
And read it deny me medical attention, what needs correction is these jails/
They won’t let my family post bail/
I’m a prisoner of politics and now the only freedom I know is hell/
The revolution won’t be televised/
Only the lies they telling us cause the lies that they selling us you buy/
But not me! This is for Puerto Rico in case they forgot me/
Cause of the brainwashing the media and paparazzi/
They could’ve shot me but they didn’t they threw me in a prison/
Cut off from any one that would listen/
Put my picture with “TERRORISM” but that’s ain’t the truth man/
I ain’t blow up shit or try to assassinate Truman/


Filmed by Dennis Febo for Guazabara Media
Edited by Bo’kem Allah for EBS Multi-Media


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EBS Multi-Media is a multimedia service provider, specializing in all aspects of music production, from recording, mixing & mastering, remixes, mixtape hosting, graphic designing, video editing and much, much more. EARTH BOUND IS THE SOUND!!!
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