#KeepItKingly | OC’s Underground Hip Hop Pioneers (YIP) #Comeback


Coincidentally, I ran into them on the day they were filming the video in Santa Ana, CA.

On Wednesday, Aug. 28th, 2013, four members of the once most dominant crew in the Orange County Underground Hip Hop scene, Youth International Party (YIP), released a long overdue comeback collaboration song & video titled “Keep It Kingly.” The song is by Ras Ceylon & Lastman featuring some freestyle chants by Buxaburn and produced byDawit Justice. Needless to say… it was like a breath of fresh air.

As YIP was predominantly a Rasta-minded crew, the song is an expression of those sentiments. Rastas look up to Emperor Haile Selassie, of Ethiopia, as an example of royalty, dignity & nobility. Hence, the title of the song, “Keep it Kingly.”



After seeing the video on the day it premiered, I was inspired. I, being one of the founding members, felt it was my duty to salute my fellow YI’s with a response song & video. I proceeded to make the necessary calls to get ahold of the instrumental & acapella for their song. I wrote a 16 bar verse that touches on our history in OC and also expresses a different concept of what “Keep it Kingly” means to me, as a Five Percenter.

By the following Saturday morning my verse was written and all the files that I needed to make my response was in my inbox. I went to work! In less than 12 hours I recorded, mixed, mastered, uploaded and released the song… and shot, edited, uploaded and premiered the video! I was in Full-Time-Grind mode!

In the video, which is nothing spectacular, since I only shot a couple takes and avoided using special effects, I’m standing in front of a garage door with the number 11. The 11th letter in the alphabet is K… and in the Supreme Alphabet, K stands for King or Kingdom. A king is a man that rules his kingdom in righteousness. A king lays down the law of the land. A king takes care of and protects the people within his kingdom (home). A King is a man who loves and respects his Queen!

So with all that being said… WATCH MY RESPONSE VIDEO!



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  1. Peace! Much thanks… greatly appreciated… word! PEACE!

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