#KeepItKingly | OC’s Underground Hip Hop Pioneers (YIP) #Comeback


Coincidentally, I ran into them on the day they were filming the video in Santa Ana, CA.

On Wednesday, Aug. 28th, 2013, four members of the once most dominant crew in the Orange County Underground Hip Hop scene, Youth International Party (YIP), released a long overdue comeback collaboration song & video titled “Keep It Kingly.” The song is by Ras Ceylon & Lastman featuring some freestyle chants by Buxaburn and produced byDawit Justice. Needless to say… it was like a breath of fresh air.

As YIP was predominantly a Rasta-minded crew, the song is an expression of those sentiments. Rastas look up to Emperor Haile Selassie, of Ethiopia, as an example of royalty, dignity & nobility. Hence, the title of the song, “Keep it Kingly.”



After seeing the video on the day it premiered, I was inspired. I, being one of the founding members, felt it was my duty to salute my fellow YI’s with a response song & video. I proceeded to make the necessary calls to get ahold of the instrumental & acapella for their song. I wrote a 16 bar verse that touches on our history in OC and also expresses a different concept of what “Keep it Kingly” means to me, as a Five Percenter.

By the following Saturday morning my verse was written and all the files that I needed to make my response was in my inbox. I went to work! In less than 12 hours I recorded, mixed, mastered, uploaded and released the song… and shot, edited, uploaded and premiered the video! I was in Full-Time-Grind mode!

In the video, which is nothing spectacular, since I only shot a couple takes and avoided using special effects, I’m standing in front of a garage door with the number 11. The 11th letter in the alphabet is K… and in the Supreme Alphabet, K stands for King or Kingdom. A king is a man that rules his kingdom in righteousness. A king lays down the law of the land. A king takes care of and protects the people within his kingdom (home). A King is a man who loves and respects his Queen!

So with all that being said… WATCH MY RESPONSE VIDEO!


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NEW VIDEO: Pawz One “Face The Facts”


From the album “FACE THE FACTS” Featuring:Ras Kass, Rakka Iriscience, 2Mex & Termanology… Scheduled for release late July 2013.

For updates and more visit: http://www.pawz1.com
Twitter: @pawz1 ,@breezeonthebeat, @fvdefault
Instagram: @pawz1, @defaultbeats

Wood Works Media Presents A Vinyl Villains Production…
Director: D.R. Phoenix
Cinematography: Paul Von Petrzelka
Editor: Bo’kem Allah
Makeup: Peilo
Grip: Frank Terrazas
Lights & Grip Equipment: AGrip Rentals
Location Manager: Omah Ekhott

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NEW VIDEO | #FreeOscar by Seven 30 | DOWNLOAD


[Oscar Lopez Rivera]
by Seven 30 (The Problem)

Seven 30 rhymes from the perspective of Puerto Rican Political Prisoner… Oscar Lopez Rivera, a former Korea War veteran and recipient of the highest honor in the US Military, the Purple Heart. In 1981 he was charged with seditious conspiracy and was given a 70 year sentence. He has spent 32 years behind bars, 12 of which were in solitary confinement.
To learn more about Oscar Lopez Rivera read his book “Between Torture and Resistance.”


I’m supposed to be independent and represented/
By the star the blue/red and the white pendent/
The promise that was made was a lie just to occupy my land/
From 1890 till recently man/
U can’t imagine what I saw/
I never knew that me speaking of freedom would be against the law now it’s war/
I watched pedophiles come and go murderers come and go/
Rapists come and go but I get denied parole/
After serving 33 you now wanna offer me a plea/
And cop to cop seditious conspiracy/
I guess I’m trapped between torture and resistance/
For instance, the people got my back, but this country doesn’t let em lend assistance/
Instead they open up my mail/
And read it deny me medical attention, what needs correction is these jails/
They won’t let my family post bail/
I’m a prisoner of politics and now the only freedom I know is hell/
The revolution won’t be televised/
Only the lies they telling us cause the lies that they selling us you buy/
But not me! This is for Puerto Rico in case they forgot me/
Cause of the brainwashing the media and paparazzi/
They could’ve shot me but they didn’t they threw me in a prison/
Cut off from any one that would listen/
Put my picture with “TERRORISM” but that’s ain’t the truth man/
I ain’t blow up shit or try to assassinate Truman/


Filmed by Dennis Febo for Guazabara Media
Edited by Bo’kem Allah for EBS Multi-Media

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NEW VIDEO: #Borikemetics: Sha-King Speaks | What we are about

#Borikemetics: Borikwa Education Council 

Educating Borikwa people… on the island and in the diaspora.

#Borikemetics: #Cousinhood #Aprende

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Edited by Bo’kem Allah for EBS Multi-Media

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NEW VIDEO: Assata Shakur’s Open Letter to The Pope (1998)

She is NOT… nor has she ever been… a terrorist!


In 1998, New Jersey state troopers sent Pope John Paul II a letter asking him to call for the extradition of former Black Panther Assata Shakur, who was convicted and sentenced to life in prison for the 1973 murder of a New Jersey state trooper. In 1979, she broke out from prison, and now lives in exile in Cuba. In this open letter addressed to the Pope, Assata tells her side of the story.

Former Black Panther Assata Shakur Added to FBI’s Most Wanted Terrorist List

Assata Shakur’s Open Letter to The Pope (1998) 


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NEW VIDEO: Heaven & Hell – Quique’s Rebellion [TRAILER]

“I often say things that people say I shouldn’t say, because I think things that people say I shouldn’t think. But, ultimately… it’s in what I do where I’ll find my redemption.” -Quique Cruz

The New Album by Quique Cruz “Quique’s Rebellion” COMING SOON!!!
With a featured appearance by Sean Price and beats by Phaizrok, KIC, Curtiss King and Vlad The Head Russian…
More to be announced… DON’T SLEEP!!!!

Peep the video trailer…

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Edited by Bo’kem Allah for EBS Multi-Media
Filmed by Lula Roman for EBS Multi-Media

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NEW VIDEO: Hustle & Win | 6 Figure Question


How To Hustle And Win Pt 1:
A Survival Guide For The Ghetto
Author: Supreme Understanding
Foreword: The Real Rick Ross

This is the book that started it all. The bestselling guide to self- empowerment offers over 100 pieces of wisdom for urban teens and community leaders alike.

Likened to a 48 Laws of Power for young Black men, this book presents Black biographies, history, and current events in a language that the Hip-Hop generation will understand and relate to. Each story or essay is framed within the context of a life lesson, each one being of vital importance to the survival, redemption, and ultimate success of our dying Black generation. Both the positive and negative sides of the Black experience are explored in detail, from the lives of infamous drug dealers and pimps to the exploits of Black revolutionaries and activists. In addition, several How To sections outline simple strategies for self-development.

Packed with useful information, from the best way to handle confrontations with police, to the continuing relevance of the 1919 race riots, this book has been compared to an urban Encyclopedia Africana. Others have called it a Blueprint for Black Power for a generation struggling with materialism and short attention spans. This book is guaranteed to change the world by changing the way millions of people think and live. In How to Hustle and Win, author Supreme Understanding tells, in often graphic detail, stories like that of the infamous Philadelphia Black Mafia, Harlem’s heroin kingpin Frank Lucas, and former gang leader Stanley “Tookie” Williams. In between and throughout these tales, he weaves life lessons and guidance, turning sordid stories of crime and urban despair into an educational experience. Whereas Robert Greene’s bestselling 48 Laws of Power used iconic figures from classical history to illustrate the guidelines for personal success, How to Hustle and Win is filled with the exploits of rappers, gangsters, radicals, and revolutionaries. This is a new kind of Black history book, and its intent is the motivation and achievement of a new kind of reader. Although today’s literary market has seen an influx of self-help books attending to a variety of issues, few books have attempted to address the concerns of young Black men, struggling to find direction. It is this group that author Supreme Understanding names as one of most troubled demographics in American society today. On the book’s website, the author comments: “Unfortunately, few authors actively target this audience, and those who do are either not speaking their language, or not interested in pushing for change. This is why How to Hustle and Win was written. This book will change the minds of millions of young men of color, and by doing this, it will ultimately change the world.” Revolutionary aspirations aside, How to Hustle and Win’s groundbreaking concept results in a truly appealing work. Its essays are delivered in short bursts, none of them over four pages long, making it ideal for struggling readers and those with shorter attention spans. At the same time, the book is filled with a wealth of information that would enlighten educated readers equally. In fact, the author juxtaposes his own personal tales of early delinquency and misdirection with his later years of professional success, including obtaining a doctorate in education at the age of 26.

Supreme Design Publishing

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Video Editing: Bo’kem Allah for EBS Multi-Media
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