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Going To Your Death Defiant And Proud

#Borikemetics #Borikwa #Cousinhood


Elias Beauchamp by vagabond © Elias Beauchamp by vagabond ©

Puerto Rico is the oldest colony in the western hemisphere. It was a colony of Spain for almost 400 years and has been a colony of the US since 1898. Throughout that whole time Puerto Ricans have fought for their freedom. In the 1930′s the Puerto Rican Nationalist Party,  led by Don Pedro Albizu Campos, came to prominence by directly and openly challenging US authority in Puerto Rico. The US responded with increased repression against the Nationalists in the form of arrests, imprisonment and murder.

October 20th, 1935 the founder and leader of the Puerto Rican Nationalist Party Don Pedro Albizu Campos gave a radio address in which he criticizes a program to “Americanize” the University Of Puerto Rico that is being instituted by US colonial interests. A group of students in support of the measure want Albizu declared “Student Enemy Number One”.

On October…

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NEW MUSIC & VIDEO | Quique Cruz is “The Baddest of the Bad” | WATCH & DOWNLOAD NOW


On the morning of September 3rd, 2013, a long time acquaintance DJ Exile, of Dirty Science, dropped a beat tape… along with announcing that he will be upgrading to new beat making hardware. The instrumental album features joints that were never before released… unused beats.. untouched. So… after giving the whole thing a listen and becoming inspired… I went ahead and put this song together to this beat… which is one of my favorites on the album.

Me (Quique Cruz) and Exile go back to the early/mid 90’s. We’ve been on underground mixtapes in the distant past… but, oddly enough, I’ve NEVER had the chance to rock an Exile beat. So… I finished up my coffee and got right to work. This is what I do for fun!

DOWNLOAD HERE: Click “download” to download this song FREE. Submit your email, and the link to your free download will be sent to your inbox. If you would like to make a donation to EBS Muzik, please, feel free to set your price. 
Thank you for the support! 

WATCH THE NOW:<iframe width=”640″ height=”360″ src=”//” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>

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LISTEN NOW: The Paradigm feat JULY | #QuiquesRebellion #LEAK

The ParadigmAnother joint off the upcoming album by Quique CruzQuique’s Rebellion” #ComingSoon

The socially conscious, thought provoking BANGER featuring an incredible lyricist… JULY Dopeshow (Flint, MI) entitled “The Paradigm” can now be streamed from SoundCloud.



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NEW MUSIC | “It’s A Setup” Featuring SunBlaze | #FreeDownload

1519002_786066451419364_1966771922_oNEW MUSIC! From the upcoming album by Quique Cruz “El Terrible” entitled “Quique’s Rebellion” #ComingSoon
“It’s A Setup” Featuring Sunblaze (Brooklyn, NY)
#FreeDownload #Hardcore #HipHop #BoomBap #Banger


Artwork by Arewhy
Produced by Quique Cruz for EBS Multi-Media


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AVAILABLE NOW | The #Borikemetics: Album is Here!

The BRAND NEW album “#Borikemetics: Volume 1 – The Cipher” is 526938_449967141783891_310640947_nAVAILABLE NOW!

This 13 track album (+ 3 bonus tracks) is loaded with educational material, bangin beats and dope rhymes… touching on various aspects of the Borikwa experience, including Puerto Rican Patriotism and cultural pride. Entirely produced by Quique Cruz, with a couple beats provided by Seven 30 and Esco, this album will help bring clarity to what it means to be Borikwa while filling you with that Borikwa soul to make you rock along wiht us!

Download the album by naming your price. Please, feel free to set your price to $0.00. All you would need to do from there is submit your email and the download link will be sent to you (please, share the album with your family and friends). But, if you would like to leave a donation… PLEASE DO SO and name your price.

Thank you for all the support!


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